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Noci (Bari), coat of arms of city

Noci - Municipality

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The coat of arms of the town of Noci originated with the 1935 decree. A walnut tree sustained on the left by a lion is represented. Originally, the rampant lion symbolized the family Acquaviva d’Aragona, counts of Conversano, feudatories of Noci, whereas in its modern significance the lion is the symbol of the sustaining force of the tree...

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Martina Franca (Ta), church of s. Domenico, picture, GesùBambino

The ceremony of the Nine Lamps - Martina Franca

Date: dal 16/12/2010 al 24/12/2010

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We are in the midst of the Christmas atmosphere, and in preparation for the night of Christmas Eve on 24th December; an old liturgical tradition is celebrated, called of the "Nine Lamps", in the parish church of San Domenico of Martina Franca… 

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Noci (Ba), Pettole nelle gnostre e cioccolato in sagra, poster

Pettole nelle gnostre e cioccolato in sagra

Date: dal 04/12/2010 al 05/12/2010

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In Noci, the Christmas time starts with an event which has been renewing itself for eleven years, by now: pettole (round shaped doughnuts) in the gnostre (alley closed on three sides), and chocolate in the village fête. Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December...

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Alberobello (Ba), Mostra del Presepe artistico e artigianale,poster

Exhibition of the artistic and artisanal nativity scene - Alberobello

Date: dal 11/12/2010 al 06/01/2011

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From 11th December 2010 to 6rd January 2011, the Museo del Territorio “Casa Pezzolla” in Alberobello, will host the 8th edition of the Mostra del Presepe Artistico e Artigianale

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